"When it comes to painting with color, I always tend to choose tools that are largely beyond my control (...)
so maybe a brush would have to be used soon.
Anyway, ... I'll try to delay that as long as possible."


Christian Ruhm, 2018

Portrait Christian Ruhm

Christian Ruhm is a multidisciplinary artist from Berlin. His work is known for using and experimenting with all varieties and possibilities of the photographic image. Ruhm’s subtle and detailed creations often reflect daily, modern life in times of digitalism and the impact of the information age with all its consequences. A second and reoccurring topic in Ruhm’s work is the intense and often futile attempt to retain memories by pictures.

Ruhm (*1967) was born and raised in the West of Berlin, where he was deeply influenced by the 80s scene with all its strange excesses while living under the everyday impression of the cold war on this „Island in Germany“ – as Fischer-Z singer John Watts once called it.
After a professional education as a photographer with Peter Schmidt for advertising and industrial subjects he first was mostly inspired by music and concerts in Berlin at that time – such as Einstürzende Neubauten or Sonic Youth and later influenced by the visual language of directors like David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick he began experimenting with analogue material by always allowing mistakes or other coincidences which might lead to the desired effects. Later he was exploring the possibilities of digital photograpy and art while studying at the Meisterschule Potsdam.

In 1999 he co-founded the „die licht gestalten“ together with fellow photographer and digital artist Uli Staiger with a studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg before they went seperate ways in 2002.

Most of Ruhm’s early (photographic) work was created using optical manipulations while taking the pictures, later he also ‘remixed’ or recomposed them with the aid of software.
Since 2011 he is constantly evolving and refining his visual language using different optical and software-assisted solutions in his own studio north of Berlin.

In 2018, Ruhm began expanding on the medium of photography with unique painting and scratching techniques while also using custom-made stamps, wire brushes or typewriters on photographic prints or printed canvas – always exploring new options to achieve his idea(l) of the “perfect photographic denial”.

born 1967 in Berlin (West)


first pics 1975 (Agfamatic 901E)
first SLR-Camera 1980 (Pentax MX)
apprenticeship as photographer 1989-91
”Meisterschule Potsdam Babelsberg” 1996-98
member of several bands 1999-2008 (coma.51, electric11)
several music-, art-, multimedia-projects 1998-2008 (CR7, isn’t, singh)
co-founder/shareholder of “die licht gestalten”
photostudio in Berlin Kreuzberg 1999-2002
freelancer & artist since 2003
first composings 2004
own studio in 2008
starts working with analog material again in 2009
starts working with mixed media 2015
2018 first overpaintings
2019 first non-photographic, abstract works
lives and works outside Berlin


LUMAS  / Germany and worldwide 2010-2013
COONST / Germany 2010
MoArt / China 2013-2015


1995 „Provokation“, Galerie Klade Frankfurt/Oder
1996 „Werkschau“, Galerie Klade Frankfurt/Oder
1997 „London/Berlin Pop“, Private Exhibition Berlin
1998 „Sweet Dreams“, Installation at Meisterschule Potsdam /Babelsberg
2000 „Formulare…“, Studio „die licht gestalten“ Berlin
2010-2013 „Landmarks“, Lumas Berlin
2011 „Shades“, Group Exhibition Berlin Mitte
2013/14 live-visuals for performances of the “IvyEnsemble”
2013 „The Color Of Light“ Group Exhibition Beijing/China
2014 „Artist’s Prints“ Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin
2017 Featured in a Peter Millard & Partners Project, Thames Wharf Studios, London


geboren 1967 in Berlin (West)


1975 erste Fotografien mit einer Agfamatic 901E
1980 erste SLR-Kamera (Pentax MX)
1989-91 Ausbildung zum Fotografen in Berlin-Marienfelde bei Peter Schmidt
1996-98 Meisterschule Potsdam Babelsberg
1999-2008 Mitarbeit bei div. Bands  (coma.51, electric11)
1998-2008 div. Musik-, Kunst- und Multimedia-Projekte (CR7, isn’t, singh)
1999 Mitgründer/Gesellschafter von die licht gestalten GmbH
1999-2002 Fotostudio in Berlin Kreuzberg (die licht gestalten)
seit 2003 freischaffender Künstler und Freelancer
2008 eigenes Atelier
2009 erneut erste Arbeiten mit analogem Material und erste Composings
2015 beginnt mit Mixed-media zu arbeiten
2017 Beginn der Werkreihe „Makel“
2018 erste Übermalungen
2019 erste nicht-fotografische, abstrakte Werke

lebt und arbeitet bei Berlin


LUMAS  / Deutschland und weltweit 2010-2013
COONST / Deutschland 2010
MoArt / Peking, China 2013-2015


1995 „Provokation“, Galerie Klade Frankfurt/Oder
1996 „Werkschau“, Galerie Klade Frankfurt/Oder
1997 „London/Berlin Pop“, Private Ausstellung Berlin
1998 „Sweet Dreams“, Installation an der Meisterschule Potsdam /Babelsberg
2000 „Formulare für die neue Stadt“, Studio „die licht gestalten“ Berlin
2010-2013 „Landmarks“, LUMAS / Berlin
2011 „Shades“, Gruppen-Ausstellung Berlin Mitte
2013 „The Color Of Light“ Gruppen-Ausstellung Peking/China (video)
2013/14 div. Multimedia-Performances mit dem Ivy Ensemble, Berlin
2014 „Artist’s Prints“ Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin
2017 Ankauf für ein Peter Millard & Partners Projekt, Thames Wharf Studios, London

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